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    Interested in becoming technologically more efficient in business management in their current markets.

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    Make automation the formula to provide the public with efficiency, transparency and agility in attention to their needs.

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    With technology-based entrepreneurship wishing to provide effective, timely and reliable solutions to the world to create quality of life.

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    A place in which, individually or in groups, you have the posibility to access to spaces of coworking, coliving, coaching/support.

About PosmaGroup

Throughout human history there have been many forms of qenergy that have moved the world; currently Posma Group inspires us since we are able to transform bytes to Energy.

Energy for us not only results in the current which stores data, but effective solutions for the problems of organizations (companies and institutions), cities and more specifically the communities.

So in Posma Group believe that the most importantand strategic asset of any organized system, is information ...


Meet our team

We like to support and give shape to changes and use technology as a mean to achieve it.

  • "We change data into energy that boosts bussinesses"


    CEO & Co-founder
  • "We pursue the value that is behind every data"


    CIO & Co-founder
  • "The followers think and talk about problems, The leaders think and talk about solutions."


    COO & Co-founder

Service we offer

We strengthen your responsiveness to provide qualified human talent to solve your needs.

  • Frontend

    Transforming the Concept to Code

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  • Backend

    Building the Soul of your Solution

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  • Strategy & Business

    Finding the Value of your Proposal

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  • Shared Managment

    Communication and Monitoring Remotely

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Recent portfolio

We have excelled in system of GIS(Geographic Information System), B2B, CRM, ERP, E-Commerce, E-Banking, Process and distribution of audio, massive processing of distribuited data, Integral management of infrastructure with oracle support

  • All
  • Design
  • Development

Platform to develop the census of a country, it was developed with: .Net, Leadtools, Anoto, SqlServer.


Web Application

Platform for independent musical promotion, mainly in the california market, it was developed with: Django, PostgreSQL, South, Celery, Amazon, AWS, Compass.

Tunes Alive

Web Application

Automatized System Of Civil Registration

SARC (Automatized System Of Civil Registration)

Web Application

Application to geolocate the executed inspection by Funvisis in the direfent buildings in Caracas and to simulate seismic scenarios. It uses; GeoDjango, Postgis, OpenLayers, Geoserver.

Caracas Seism

Web Application

System for calculating the function of spectrum of design in the diferents microzones of Caracas. It was developed with: GeoServer and OpenLayers.

Funvisis Microzones

Desktop Application

Social network for the exchange of books, this was a preselected startup from Posma preselected in the wayra contest Venezuela 2013


Web Application

Professionals have been inspired by POSMA


Happy Clients


Project delivered


What people say about us

They allowed us in the accorded time, a new quality version to begin the promotion of our product

Eduardo Campione

Product Support Lead, Smartmatic/Smartcities

In POSMA we found a quality ally to develop our services

Igvir Ramirez

Project Manager

Great work guys!(...) Thank you for all of your hard work. Here's to a long future of rocking it together!.

Jeff Sites

CEO, Tunes Alive
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